Keeping Your Montgomery Home Comfortable This Spring

Published on: May 9, 2012

As a homeowner in Mobile, AL, keeping your home comfortable this spring can be a challenge without professional assistance. Our air conditioning service technicians recommend a spring tune-up for your air conditioning system as well as professional air duct cleaning services for the best level of indoor comfort. Our air conditioning service technicians explain the benefits of professional air duct cleaning and spring air conditioning tune-ups and how these air conditioning services will keep your home comfortable this spring.

Air Conditioning Service

A spring air conditioning service for your central air conditioning system helps ensure that you will stay comfortable in your Mobile, AL home this spring. Our maintenance technicians begin with a complete system inspection of all mechanical and electrical components of your air conditioning system. We follow this with a thorough cleaning of the motor and fan, lubrication of all moving mechanical parts and draining of the condensate line. We replace your system’s air filter to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. After your spring tune-up visit, you will notice better performance from your air conditioner as well as lower utility costs due to the improved performance.

Air Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning not only helps improve the performance of your air conditioning system, but it also significantly improves your home’s indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning removes the layers of dirt and dust that build up in your home’s air vents over years of using your heating and cooling system. Each time your heating and cooling system cycles, dust and dirt along with mold spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses enter your air ducts. Professional air duct cleaning eliminates these layers of grime and contaminants, easing the burden on your air conditioning system and purifying the air that you and your family breathe.