Saving Money On Your Energy Bill With An AC Tune-Up

Published on: May 16, 2012

If you want to improve the energy efficiency in your Mobile, Alabama home, an air conditioner tune-up is the effective way to go about it. Just as your car needs regularly scheduled maintenance to perform at its best, your air conditioner needs the same type of attention. Fortunately, it is easy to schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up for your air conditioner with any HVAC company in Mobile. You just need to let them know the manufacturer of your air conditioner, its approximate age and any issues that concern you. An air conditioning service technician will keep this information in mind when providing service to your unit.

Before you choose an HVAC company, be certain to ask if it is a Carrier® factory authorized dealer. While any HVAC company can claim to help you with improving energy efficiency, one that has reached the level of Carrier® factory authorized dealer has the tools and equipment to do it. An association with Carrier® is something that almost all HVAC dealers strive for due to its position of leadership in the heating and air conditioning industry. However, only one HVAC dealer in 20 actually passes Carrier®’s strict criteria to become an authorized dealer. By working with an authorized dealer for Carrier®, you know the company has the highest quality of products and services available.

Air conditioner tune-ups increase your energy efficiency because they help the unit last longer while reducing operating costs at the same time. A regular exam gives you the opportunity to have a service technician catch minor issues now before they go untreated and develop into major problems. Also, most heating and cooling companies in Mobile offer additional benefits to customers who sign up for an annual preventative maintenance plan. This is in addition to the improved energy efficiency that comes with routine service.