Moisture Can Have a Negative Impact on Your AC

Published on: May 9, 2012

Moisture can destroy your air conditioner in Mobile, AL. If the vents in your home have droplets of water coming out of them, you need immediate air conditioning repair. This is a serious problem. The water droplets contain mold, fungus and other contaminants from the inside of the air ducts. The air conditioner and the complete system should be inspected and taken care of.

The first place to start reducing a moisture problem and avoid needing air conditioning repair is the filter. Replace or clean it on a regular basis. Never operate an air conditioner without it. It stops dust, hair and other debris from entering the system and causing problems with the electronics and evaporator coils.

The air flows over the evaporator coils, which are filled with cooled refrigerant. Condensation forms because of the temperature difference between the air and the fluid. This moisture drains to the outside through the drain line. If the evaporator coils are coated with dirt, proper condensation cannot take place. The moisture travels into the ducting system. It can pool in the ducts and leak into insulation, drywall, wood and other materials. Mold can grow in the house and cause or make health problems worse.

The drain line must be kept clear by pouring a cup of bleach into it every month. If it is blocked, the water will back up into the unit and the house. The damage could be extensive. An air conditioning repair technician will have to clear the line. If a port is not available, an air conditioning repair technician can install one for you.

Your Mobile, AL, air conditioner was designed to last for ten years or more. There are units available today with high energy efficiency ratings. Your local air conditioning company can help you choose the right one for you.