Use Your Tax Refund to Get Ready For Summer- Tune-Up or Upgrade Your AC

Published on: May 16, 2012

Although a tax refund is technically a normal part of your income, it can feel like a bonus when you receive a larger amount of cash all at once. It can be tempting to use the money for something fun like a vacation or new furniture, but the money might be better spent upgrading your AC or having it tuned-up by an AC service professional.

Keeping up with AC services like tune-ups will help you avoid costly air conditioning repairs, early replacement of your system and reduced energy efficiency. Preventative maintenance is an affordable AC service, and the money you spend is well worth it when you consider the many benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance.

An upgrade to a new air conditioner is another option to consider for several reasons. An old air conditioner can cost a homeowner in efficiency and air conditioning repair bills. As your unit gets older, you are more likely to require more frequent air conditioning repair. Using your tax refund to upgrade to a new unit could help you avoid these frequent, potentially expensive air conditioning repairs.

A new air conditioner can also help you save on your home energy bills. New air conditioners cool your home using much less energy than older units. You will see significant savings as you cool your home during the hot Mobile, AL summer.

Finally, consider the environment. Recent changes in environmental protection laws have resulted in new HVAC products that are much more environmentally friendly. For example, Freon, which is believed to be harmful to the environment, is currently being phased out. Your new unit will most likely use the more environmentally friendly Puron as a coolant.

Your personal budget and preferences will dictate what you do with your tax refund this year, but be sure to consider your summer comfort as you make your plans. Scheduling AC service with a Mobile, AL HVAC professional for a tune-up or upgrading to a new air conditioning unit could be the best use for your tax refund money.