Prep Your AC for Spring and Summer in Rome, GA

Published on: May 2, 2012

You can call an air conditioning service and repair company to prep your HVAC system for spring in Rome, GA, or you can prep it yourself. It only takes a little effort to pay attention to the details. Nothing is heavy or overly difficult.

Begin with an inspection of your house from the outside. If a cover has been placed over the condensing unit, remove it. Air turbines on the roof need to have covers removed. They need to be able to operate by removing heated air from the attic. This allows the HVAC system to operate without additional effort. If room vents have been closed for the winter, open them; this allows the cool air to flow freely to ventilate the room. An HVAC system that operates smoothly does not need air conditioning service and repair as much as an overworked one.

Carefully inspect hoses, belts, parts and check for leaks. A unit that is leaking oil, coolant or water will need air conditioning service and repair before operating it. If there are no leaks, cracked belts or other visible problems, proceed further. Any cracked belts or hoses need immediate replacement.

Inspect, clean or replace the filter. It must be clean in order for the system to pull in the proper amount of air for cooling. If the filter is absent, debris is pulled into the unit and it has to work harder. A clogged filter does the same thing. The system overworks and breaks down. You will need to call for air conditioning service and repair. Additional charges often apply for emergency calls.

Lastly, check the thermostat. If you have an old mercury switch unit, replace it with a digital model. Replace the battery in the digital unit if it has been in all winter. Switch the unit to “ac,” set the temperature and turn it on. If nothing happens, you can call for an air conditioning service and repair in Rome, GA.