An AC Tune-Up Now Can Keep You Cool This Summer. Use Your Tax Refund

Published on: May 16, 2012

As a homeowner in Pensacola, FL, staying cool is a top priority this summer. Our AC service technicians offer air conditioning tune-up services now to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the upcoming heat and humidity that summer brings. Our air conditioning repair technicians suggest using your tax refund to pay for an air conditioning tune-up that will keep you and your family comfortable all summer long.

AC Service and Tune-ups
Our AC service and tune-ups take into consideration your entire cooling system, from the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air blower. Our AC service technicians perform a complete system inspection and maintenance including cleaning and lubricating the motor and fan, draining the condensate line, and replacing your system’s air filter. We then check all mechanical and electrical parts for signs of wear and tear. Using your tax refund to tune-up your air conditioner now could save you from paying for air conditioning repairs later.

Air Conditioning Repairs
During the course of your air conditioner tune-up, our AC service technicians may discover a potential problem or issue in need of air conditioning repair. Even with careful maintenance, it is not unusual for your air conditioner to need air conditioning repair to replace a worn or damaged part. By making a needed air conditioning repair now before the damage becomes serious, you could save thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing your entire system.

Your air conditioning system serves you and your family by cooling and dehumidifying the air inside your home. Your system works hard 24/7 during the hot and humid summer months. By using your tax refund to help maintain or repair your air conditioning system, you can ensure that your Pensacola, FL home will remain a comfortable place all spring and summer long.