Keeping Your Montgomery Home Comfortable This Spring

Published on: May 2, 2012

By now, you have certainly noticed that temperatures in Montgomery are warmer than they were a month ago. It won’t be long before summer is here, and along with it, the heat and humidity that can make life miserable. To make sure that you are prepared for whatever summer throws at you, be sure to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with an air conditioning repair and installation company. Most professional air conditioning repair and installation companies offer customers the opportunity to sign up for an annual maintenance contract for both their air conditioner and heating system.

On the day of your preventative maintenance appointment, a service technician from an air conditioning repair and installation company will perform several points of routine maintenance. Most air conditioning repair and installation companies prefer to service air conditioners in the spring and heating systems in the fall. This timing is meant to coincide with the heavy demands that will be placed on each unit in the summer and winter.

You can also perform some routine air conditioner maintenance to ensure that the unit is something you can depend on to get you through the summer. One simple function you can perform is to check the condition of the filter on your air conditioner every month. If it is full of dirt and debris, replace it with a new one. You should not let more than 90 days go by without replacing the filter.

Before your air conditioner starts seeing daily use, open its door and give the inside a good cleaning. Because your air conditioner sits dormant for several months and collects moisture, it has the opportunity to grow mold inside of it. You want to make sure that no mold is inside of the unit that can get blown back into the air of your Montgomery home.