Determining and Solving Ventilation Problems

Published on: May 16, 2012

Inspect your Savannah, GA, home for signs of ventilation problems. Look at the ceiling in rooms, closets and especially the area under the ducting system in the attic. The ducting system is vulnerable to ventilation issues in the attic. Your local Carrier® factory authorized dealer can perform an annual inspection and HVAC system to keep your air duct cleaning working at its best.

A factory authorized dealer is a company whose staff has undergone intense training in the factory’s products. They are certified to perform all maintenance and repair on any air duct cleaning made by the manufacturer. The dealer will carry manufacturer’s parts for most, if not all makes and models. The customer does not need to wait for parts to be ordered.

The attic is a prime area for ventilation problems. A poorly ventilated attic will not allow moist or hot air to escape. Your air duct cleaning company can install ventilation when HVAC system installation is performed. Some of the products that will ventilate an attic include:

• Attic vents
• Solar attic vents
• Ridge vent
• Soffit vents
• Air turbines
• Building a cupola

The outside air flows into the attic. The sun’s rays heat the air inside the attic. The cooler air displaces the hot air, which flows out of the top ventilation product. When the attic is cooler, the heat does not pass into the ducting system carrying cooler air.

Your Carrier® factory authorized dealer will look for signs of mold near the tops of walls and ceilings in your Savannah, GA, home. If any are found, the technician will inform you of the steps that need to be taken to fix the problem. Annual HVAC system inspection will keep your air ducts working at peak efficiency and ventilation problems will be a thing of the past.