Determining and Solving Ventilation Problems

Published on: May 9, 2012

Your Tifton, GA, Carrier® factory authorized dealer can identify ventilation problems when your next air duct cleaning is performed. Your HVAC system will perform at peak efficiency when proper ventilation in the house and attic are installed. You and your family will have the highest quality air your system can provide.


Some of the items available to ventilate your attic include:

• Ridge vents
• Soffit vents
• Air turbines
• Attic fans


These can be installed by your Carrier® factory authorized dealer. A factory authorized dealer has technicians trained and certified by the manufacturer. He or she can perform all maintenance and repair on units under warranty. The dealer also carries parts for most Carrier® systems. This means the customer does not have to wait for parts to be ordered from the factory.

Your HVAC system should have air duct cleaning performed on an annual basis. This allows the technician to identify any ventilation issues. Super-heated air in the attic will travel into the cooled air in the ducting system. This forces the HVAC system to work harder, resulting in higher bills.


Ventilation in the attic allows the heated air to escape. It also allows moist air to evaporate and prevents mold growth. During an air duct cleaning, the technician will inspect and repair any missing insulation on the ducts. This prevents condensation from forming and ruining insulation, ceilings and roofing materials.

Inside the house, keep the HVAC system filter clean or replace it on a regular basis. This allows air to flow freely inside the unit. Remove furniture from blocking the air vents. Make sure the vents to the rooms are open so air has free movement. When air duct cleaning is conducted, no dust or contaminants are blown into the room. You will have comfortable, healthy air and lower energy bills in Tifton, GA.