Determining and Solving Ventilation Problems

Published on: May 9, 2012

If you notice mold near the ceilings in your Tifton, GA, home, you may have ventilation problems. Mold growth on furniture could indicate that it could be blocking an indoor vent. If you have ventilation problems, your air conditioning repair company can install ventilation when they perform your next air duct cleaning.

Schedule air duct cleaning on an annual basis to ensure you and your family receive the best indoor air quality possible from your HVAC system. The technician will repair any leaks in the ducts, ensure the insulation is intact and clean the air ducts with a mechanical brush. He or she will then remove debris with a strong vacuum. The last step will be to spray a coating inside the ducts that retards or prevents bacterial and mold growth.

If your attic needs ventilation, consider these products for immediate installation:

• Attic fan
• Soffit vents
• Ridge vent
• Air turbine

This allows the outside air to flow into the attic and push out the heated air through the top of the attic. With cooler air inside the attic, the HVAC system will work easier. A system that does not have to strain will need less air conditioning repair.

Your air conditioning repair technician will inspect the entire system to ensure it is working properly. He or she will advise you on any other ventilation issues. If mold appears at the floor level near the unit, you may need additional air conditioning repair for the drain lines or evaporator coils. This can be done on the same day as the air duct cleaning. The technician does not need to make several visits to repair both issues.

In Tifton, GA, regular air duct cleaning will result in lower bills and healthier indoor air. When you maintain your system and address ventilation issues, you will not need as much air conditioning repair.