Understanding How Your AC System Works

Published on: May 2, 2012

Understanding how your air conditioning and heating system works is the key to keeping your home healthy and comfortable. Each part of the system works with the others to heat, cool and dehumidify the air. If one component is not maintained or breaks down, the entire system fails.

The most ignored part of an air conditioning and heating system is the ducting. It delivers the heated and cooled air to every room in the house. Because the air is moist, bacteria, molds and fungi can grow on the dust in the ducts. If any leaks are present, moist air leaks into the attic and causes damage. If the ducts lack insulation, the air conditioning and heating system has to work harder to compensate. The ducting system should be cleaned, sealed and inspected on an annual basis for the healthiest air quality possible and lower energy costs.

The outside condenser contains the coolant for the system, as well as the coils. In the coils, heat is removed from the ambient air and cooled. The removed heat is blown outside. Care must be taken to keep the aluminum fins from being bent. Bent fins impede the airflow, causing the system to work harder. Remove branches and debris away from this unit. Providing shade in the summer will help the unit run cooler and save energy.

The indoor blower unit is also crucial. Indoor air is pulled in through a filter. This filter traps debris, dust, hair and allergens. It must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis to keep the air conditioning and heating system from damage. This filter also helps the system to deliver clean air to you and your family.

By maintaining the entire air conditioning and heating system, you and your family will be healthier and comfortable. You will also enjoy lower energy bills by having an efficiently running system.