Preventative Maintenance That You Really Should do in Birmingham AL

Published on: June 8, 2012

In Birmingham, AL, summers can be incredibly hot, and the last thing you want is to have your AC service go out. To prevent your AC unit from breaking or not cooling properly, you should do some basic air conditioner maintenance. Not only can it save you money by making you aware of potential problems before they become unfixable, but air conditioner maintenance can also help lower your electricity bills.


One of the most important things that people should do to keep up with air conditioner maintenance is to replace the air filter on a regular basis. Air filters that are dirty not only increase the amount of pollen and dust in the air, but they also make the AC unit work harder, which drives your electricity bill up. Additionally, you should clean or dust your air vents on a regular basis. Even if you have a new filter, it won’t do any good if air is being pushed through dirty vents.


When cleaning your ducts, make sure that air is blowing through them properly. You may want to turn your AC’s fan on just to make sure that it is running while you test your vents. If you find that some vents are not getting much air through them, it may indicate a problem with your system. Your air ducts may need to be cleaned or repaired.


As part of an air conditioner maintenance program, you should occasionally listen to your AC unit as it comes on. If you hear strange noises or a hissing sound, it is likely that there is an issue with your ducts or your air conditioner’s motor. Having a repair technician come out immediately can cut down on repair costs and prevent high electricity bills.


Another important part of ensuring your AC system is working properly is to make sure that your thermostat settings are constant or reasonable. If you find that you need to turn the thermostat to 60 degrees just to keep the house from being hot, it indicates that there is an issue with the thermostat or the AC unit itself.


Finally, you should have a technician perform air conditioner maintenance every spring to ensure that your AC unit is working at full potential. By having a technician do proactive repairs and adjustments, you can prevent your AC system from breaking down right when summer hits. No one wants to worry about suffering through a sweltering Birmingham, AL summer without air conditioning.