5 Signs That Your Atlanta GA Ductwork is Leaking Air

Published on: June 8, 2012

Atlanta, GA – one of the central southern metropolitan hubs – has a rising population to deal with, along with the natural hot and humid weather of that region of the United States. Placed together, these two components can cause a great deal of trouble if your ductwork is in need of air conditioning maintenance.

Leaky ductwork costs you much more than just your comfort. Using extra energy that does not have any purpose raises the costs of your air conditioning bill. Also, problems of leaky ductwork tend to compound on each other. This means that if you have a little problem before the summer starts do not call for air conditioning maintenance, you will have a very big (and possibly hazardous) problem by the end of the season.

You must keep a vigilant eye for signs that your ductwork may be leaking. Below are a few signs that your ductwork is in need of immediate air conditioning maintenance.

1. You hear weird sounds coming from your walls and ceiling.

When leaks occur in your air conditioning system, the escaped matter has to go somewhere. Aside from breaking apart components in your air conditioning unit, the escaped material will also be moving in places that it should not be – along your walls and ceiling. This will create all sorts of noises in the walls from wheezing to bumps. If you hear noises that make your house sound like it is haunted, then call for service immediately.

2. You see visual signs of breakdown in your AC unit.

If the degradation in your air conditioning system has progressed to where you can see cracks and fissures in your system, you are long overdue for an air conditioning maintenance call. Make sure that you do not let anything progress if you have actually observed visual fissures.

3. Your heating costs will go up unexpectedly.

Escaped air that belongs in your living area that is escaping to other places like walls, ceilings and closets will cause you to feel less of an effect for the same amount of energy used. This will make you adjust the thermostat in more extreme ways. This means more energy is being expended, and it will cost you more on your bill at the end of the month. The larger the area and volume that the air conditioner is covering, the harder the unit will have to work. Keep an attentive eye on your heating bill. If it goes up unexpectedly, then get it serviced immediately.

4. You will notice less of an effect on the temperature in your living area.

Because the air that is being conditioned escapes to other places when your air conditioning unit is leaking, the effect will not be as prominent in your living area. This was mentioned as a cost increase in the previous tip, but it is also an indication of leaks in and of itself.

5. There will be inconsistent air conditioning between rooms.

Fissures in the system will cause the AC unit to affect some areas of the house more than others. Extreme temperature changes from room to room mean that your AC unit may be leaking and maintenance is definitely needed.