Duct Sealing Improves Comfort, IAQ, and Saves Money in Your Fort Walton Beach FL Home

Published on: June 8, 2012

Residents of Fort Walton Beach, FL cannot afford to have anything less than perfect air conditioner maintenance, especially during the extremely hot and humid summer months. Air conditioning units not only keep a living space comfortable, but they also drastically increased the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a living space.

It is especially important to monitor the indoor air quality of your home if you have young children or elderly people living there. They are much more susceptible to the negative effects of a compromised airspace. However, even in healthy people, decreased air quality has been known to cause many negative side effects, including sluggishness, difficulty breathing and concentrating, and other various respiratory problems.

Below are some ways in which you can identify duct leaks and compromised air quality before it becomes a huge problem.

1. Listen for clues.

One of the top cues that you need air conditioner maintenance is the presence of weird sounds and bumpy noises coming from your AC unit. Because leaks are caused by a piece of the air conditioning system being out of place, air circulating through those broken pieces will most certainly make a strange sound.

Most modern air conditioning units have sound dampeners built in, so if you are hearing anything at all, this is definitely an indication of a problem. Listen to your walls and ceiling near the unit and if you hear something out of the ordinary, have a licensed technician come out to perform maintenance on your unit immediately. If your “good” air is leaking out, “bad” air is most certainly flowing in.

2. Look for visual cues.

Although visual cues will not be as apparent as sound clues, they will still be there. If your air conditioning unit is leaking and in need of maintenance, it may show some visual signs such as sagging parts and split housing. If the leakage has advanced to the point that the visual signs become obvious, then your indoor air quality has most definitely been compromised and your unit is in need of immediate attention.

3. Base your indoor air quality on the number of allergic reactions.

If your ducts are not sealed, your air conditioning unit will more than likely be drawing unfiltered air from the outside into your living space. This means that you may see an increase in allergic reactions inside of your house. This is an indication that you need to acquire air conditioner maintenance immediately. This level of discomfort can actually have long term health effects on those who are more susceptible to bad indoor air quality.

On top of saving your health, sealing your ducts will also save you money. Leaky ducts take your “conditioned” air to places that have no need for temperature control, such as your walls and ceiling. This means that you have to turn your thermostat up or down more drastically to achieve the same temperature effect, which costs more money.