Heat Pump Care in Savannah, Georgia: What You Can do and When to Call a Professional

Published on: June 8, 2012

As a resident of Savannah, Georgia, you may have a heat pump in your air conditioning unit since it is an energy efficient device. Heat pumps are convenient mechanisms because they have the ability to heat and cool your residence. If you notice that your unit doesn’t seem to be heating or cooling your home, then your heat pump may require attention and maintenance. You can attempt to troubleshoot your heat pump yourself, or our air conditioning service team can evaluate the device for you.

Heat Pump Maintenance
Heat pumps require general maintenance, which means keeping the unit free of debris and dirt. You should also replace your mechanism’s air filter and lubricate the device’s components regularly. Make sure that your unit’s placement is level on a concrete pad. Our air conditioning service team can review your heat pump’s location to make sure it’s on a flat surface.

Heat Pump Power Disruptions
Heat pumps must be allowed to rest for six to eight hours when your unit suffers a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. When you permit the pump to rest, you will prevent possible valve damage as the pump’s oil reservoir may be overly cool. Our company’s air conditioning service team can help you during power interruptions and will place your pump on emergency heat to stop it from operating.

Troubleshooting Heat Pump Problems
Heat pumps can be set to the wrong temperature, which may cause your pump to shut down. If you just replaced the device, then it may have been incorrectly wired. Your heat pumps electronic components may become fried through incorrect wiring. Our air conditioning service team can review your heat pump’s wiring to make sure it has a proper connection.

Make sure your heat pump is receiving power. There are several sources that may cause power issues with your pump. Review your main electrical panel along with any subpanels your home may have. If the power is tripped, then reset it by shifting the switch to off and then back on. If the power trips again, then you most likely have a short in your furnace system and will need to call an electrician for assistance.

When you notice that your output feels colder than usual, your heat pump may have switched over to defrost mode, which will stop the device from icing. If this happens, then the air output will be cold. Make sure that your thermostat is at the proper setting and increase the temperature by about five degrees. If you are unable to solve your water pump issues, then we can diagnose the device.

Check all of your home’s vents to make sure they are all open. You should also check the air filter and change it if it’s dirty. Another area you can clean on your heating pump is the coils. The auxiliary heating elements may be broken, and if you notice that the pump is turning on and off too frequently, then the filter may be clogged, or your thermostat may be improperly calibrated.

When the heat pump stops working in your Savannah, Georgia, home, you can contact our air conditioning service department for assistance.