Your North Georgia AC System: Know When to Repair or Opt for Replacement

Published on: June 8, 2012

One of the biggest budget decisions that a homeowner has to make is that inevitable decision of whether to try to save an air conditioning system with an AC repair or simply skip the service in favor of an entirely new system.

As most people are trying to make this decision on a budget, there is often an added dimension besides comfort or the actual health of the system. However, there are a few tips on how to choose between AC repair and replacing the entire unit on a budget.

Calculate the long term costs of each option.

Whether or not you are on a short term budget, you must calculate the decision that you make on a long term basis. Will an AC repair save you the money that you need according to the detailed assessment of a licensed professional? Or would an air conditioning service only prolong a problem that is destined to repeat itself as soon as the temperature goes back up?

If you will spend more money on AC repair in the long run than you would spend on an entirely new system, then you are definitely better off getting the new system. Even if you have to borrow a loan to supplement the short term cost of the replacement, it might still be worth it.

Check the current weather conditions.

Is your geographic area about to go into especially turbulent weather conditions? If your air conditioner tends to act up when the energy requirements go up, then you may be better off replacing the system all together. If you initiate an AC repair with the hope that nothing extreme happens because your air conditioning system is just that fragile, then you are definitely better off spending the money for a completely new system.

Is your current air conditioning system up to code?

If your current air conditioning system is not up to the current SEER codes, then no amount of AC service and maintenance will save you money or increase the comfort level of your home. Because SEER specs are made according to the most recent weather conditions, if your system is not up to those standards, air conditioning service is only there to cover problems over the short term.

Do you have a dual compressor system?

An air conditioning service is much more feasible if you have a system that can handle the extreme weather conditions once the repairs have been made. Dual compressors are much more likely to retain their stability in extreme weather conditions because the workload is shared between two main hubs of activity.

How much do the air conditioning services cost?

Are the costs of your short term repairs going up over time? If they are, then it may be time to simply scrap that old system. Old air conditioning systems will naturally break down, just like cars. Repairs will eventually begin to outpace replacements as the unit begins to age.

The information provided above should help guide your decision next time your air conditioner acts up. Weighing the pros and cons is critical, but if obtaining service and repairs on the current AC system is going to suffice, then make sure to contact a certified professional HVAC company to perform the assessment.