5 Features to Look for When Upgrading Your Savannah GA AC System

Published on: June 8, 2012

In Savannah, GA, it is very important to get the right air conditioning system for your living space. The weather in the southern United States is known for being quite volatile, and has become more so in recent years. You are just as likely to have an extremely humid and sweltering day as you are to experience a drenching torrent unexpectedly. Weather in this region is unforgiving, and is the reason behind many of the AC service and air conditioner installation calls that take place during the summer months.

In order to avoid these constant AC service and air conditioner installation calls, you must get the proper air conditioner installation package the first time. You can do this by going over the features that are most important to an air conditioning system in volatile weather conditions.

Below are some of the most important features that you should look for before you commit to an air conditioner installation:

1. Try to get a dual compressor air conditioning system.

The benefits of a dual compressor air conditioning system are well worth the extra upfront money that you will pay for the installation. This money will soon come back to you in the form of AC service calls that you do not have to be made. The reason for this is because your system will no longer need to work as hard during the extreme weather months. The less energy that is exerted by your air conditioning system, the longer it will last, so make sure that you get a dual compressor system if you can afford it.

2. To avoid unneeded AC service visits, make sure that your new air conditioner installation package includes an overview of updated SEER specifications.

You can avoid all kinds of AC service calls if you make sure that the AC system that you are about to install is updated with the latest SEER specifications. This will ensure that your system is the most prepared for the weather conditions that are sure to hit in the current season.

3. Look for Earth friendly refrigerants.

Many studies have confirmed that Earth friendly refrigerants are not only better for the earth, but they are also better for your system and for the comfort of your living space. Refrigerants that are environmentally friendly actually use less energy to condition the air in your living space. This means that your air conditioning unit does not have to work as hard to create the desired effect in your home. This means a longer life for the system and less service calls that you have to deal with and pay for.

4. Look for a condensing fan motor.

A condensing fan motor uses much less energy than its antiquity counterparts. Again, less energy usage means a longer life for your air conditioning system and less money spent on repairs.

5. The latest thermal expansion valves should be a part of your system.

Part of the energy expenditure has to do with the way the energy is taken to be final stage of conditioning. Your thermal expansion valves have a great deal to do with this process. Make sure they are completely up to date.