Air Conditioning

5 Ways to Hold Down Cooling Costs When It’s Really Hot in Birmingham AL

Published on: July 13, 2012

Residents of Birmingham, AL know how blazing hot the area can get during the summer months. There is good news though – there are ways to keep air conditioning bills lowered, with five easy steps. This guide will show you how to lower your cooling costs with proper AC maintenance and air conditioner service.

Change Your Filter
A clean filter is a necessity during a Birmingham, AL summer. A dirty or clogged filter will slow down your air conditioner and make the appliance have to work even harder, which uses more energy. The harder your air conditioner works the more you will pay for cooling costs. Proper AC maintenance means changing the filter at least every three months. You should check the filter monthly during the summer months when the air conditioner is being constantly used. An air conditioner service company can change the filters for you, but it is a simple task that homeowners can do themselves.


Have an Air Conditioner Service Company Check Your System
Schedule an AC maintenance appointment to have your unit checked for any malfunctions and for a routine cleaning. This annual AC maintenance will keep your unit running in good condition and working at optimum level, which will help lower cooling costs.


Try Using Fans
The use of fans can significantly help cool off your home during extreme heat waves. Using a fan will not fully replace your air conditioner but it may allow you to use it less often or at least give the unit a break from working so hard. A fan uses significantly less energy than running your air conditioner, which helps lower cooling bills. The combination of AC maintenance and fans will save you money while also keeping you comfortable in your home.


Raise Your Thermostat
Have an air conditioner service company replace your thermostat with a programmable one. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature higher when no one is home and lower it when your family returns. The thermostat’s temperature schedule can match up with your schedule exactly. Raising your thermostat just one degree will help reduce your summer cooling costs. Raise it as high as you and your family are able to tolerate to realize the largest possible savings on air conditioner costs. Most people find that 77 or 78 degrees is an ideal setting, which allows both comfort and savings during the summer.


Check for Leaks and Improve Insulation
Any cold air that has been produced will escape through leaky spots in windows and doors. Having your air conditioner service company check for leaks will help you pinpoint any trouble spots in your home. You should fill any leaks with caulk or replace old windows and doors for more energy efficient ones. Making sure your home is properly insulated will also reduce cooling costs. Improper insulation makes your air conditioner work harder and run longer, which results in higher bills during the summer months. Adding more insulation to your home is a guaranteed way to save money when using your air conditioner frequently and heavily.