Advantages That 2-Stage Cooling Systems Afford

Published on: July 25, 2012

If you are like most people and looking for ways to reduce the cost of cooling your house, one way that you can do so is to have a 2-stage air conditioning system installed in your home. 2-Stage air conditioning systems are far more efficient than the majority of standard AC units because they have two levels of operation; a lower level for standard cooling and a higher level for extremely hot days. These AC units can lower your power bills, provide better and more consistent cooling, increase your indoor air quality and reduce your need for AC maintenance.

The reason that 2-stage air conditioning systems are so efficient is that they run constantly at whatever higher or lower level is needed to keep a home comfortable. The majority of cooling can be taken care of at the lower setting, so these types of AC units use far less power than standard single stage units. Additionally, 2-stage air conditioners run constantly, instead of starting and stopping like most other systems, which is much more energy efficient. On average, these air conditioning units operate using only 60 percent of the energy required to run single stage systems.

Since 2-stage air conditioning systems run constantly, they are much better at keeping a home consistently cool. Even with regular AC maintenance, even the best single stage AC units will cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate since the compressor starts and stops. On the other hand, 2-stage AC units can keep the temperature in your home within one degree of the thermostat setting.

Along with reducing energy use, 2-stage air conditioners can reduce AC maintenance while improving the air quality in your home. When the compressor in an AC unit is always running, it means that air is constantly flowing through filters. This keeps the air in your home fresh while removing excess moisture, debris and other particles from the air. Reducing airborne detritus through air filters can help prevent dust and debris from building up in the ducts and vents in your home, which can lower the amount of AC maintenance you need.

By reducing the cost of your power bills and the frequency of AC maintenance, 2-stage air conditioning systems can dramatically lower the cost of cooling your home. In addition to the savings that these systems provide, using 2-stage air conditioning units can greatly improve the overall cooling of your home and your indoor air quality.