10 Tips to Save Energy When You Vacation Away From Atlanta GA This Summer

Published on: July 13, 2012

In Atlanta, GA and in the southern United States in general, energy bills can definitely pile up very quickly. The summer months are extremely humid and hot; the winter months are surprisingly cold. These extreme weather conditions can definitely put a strain on your air conditioning unit if you are not careful. Many individuals and families have returned from vacation only to find that they were in desperate need of air conditioner repair because they did not effectively prepare their unit for their absence.


Here are 10 tips that will save you energy as well as money on air conditioner repair while you are away on vacation:


1. Turn up the thermostat when you are going to be away.

If you are going away on vacation, you can save energy and the need for air conditioner repair by simply turning up the thermostat a few degrees while you are away. If you normally set your thermostat at 78°, turn it up to anywhere between 80° and 85°. Setting your thermostat to a temperature that more resembles the natural weather conditions will keep your air conditioning unit from working too hard while you are away. After all, no one is actually benefiting from the climate control that is going on if you are not there.


2. Close all curtains in the house.

Closing curtains will keep sunlight from directly entering the house and causing extreme temperature changes. As the sun hits the house from different angles and eventually sets out of sight, the temperature in your house can change dramatically. Since you won’t be there to monitor these changes and make temperature adjustments accordingly, your best bet in avoiding an air duct cleaning and air conditioner repair is to keep the internal temperature of your home as steady as possible.


3. If you have fans in the house, turn them on low.

In order to save your AC unit from doing all the work, use the fans in your house to naturally circulate the air. This will help keep the temperature more steady inside of the house and keep your air conditioning unit from having to work more than it should. The less your air conditioning unit has to work, the less likely that you will come home to a unit in need of an air duct cleaning.


4. Do not set your hot water temperature anywhere above 120°.

Many modern air conditioning units actually come with a vacation setting when it comes to setting the water temperature in your house. If it does, make sure to change the unit to this setting before you leave. If this option is not available to you, just make sure that you are not overloading your AC unit by keeping water hot that no one is using.


5. Check your air conditioning unit for problems before you leave.

Checking on problems before you leave can definitely save you from an air duct cleaning upon your return. Don’t give problems time to fester.


6. Repair leaky faucets.

Believe it or not, water escaping from your faucets can increase your energy bill and damage your system as it will be working needlessly while you are away.


7. Close all windows.

Do not let the energy that you are using escape needlessly. This is also a security measure, regardless of how safe your neighborhood is.


8. Check appliances before you leave.

Appliances use the most energy and destabilize the internal temperature of your house more than anything. Make sure they are in good working order before you go on vacation.


9. Have a neighbor check on the house temperature.

If the system is working too hard, a neighbor will be able to immediately tell and shut off the system. This will definitely save you money on an air duct cleaning.


10. Vacation during the spring and the fall.

These are usually the seasons with the most stable weather conditions and thus will create an ideal setting for you to leave your home without wasting energy or overworking your AC system.