4 Considerations When Replacing Your Water Heater

Published on: July 25, 2012

When you are a homeowner, you have a number of spaces in your home in which you can improve energy efficiency. For example, it may be time to replace your water heater. Before you purchase a new unit, you should reflect on four areas of consideration.

Your Water Heater Fuel Options

Review your home’s fuel connections as you can purchase a water heater with connections for natural gas, electric and propane. If you have access to natural gas or propane, then you will be purchasing a device with greater energy efficiency. If your home does not include a natural gas or propane connection, then you should purchase an electrical unit with an energy factor of .87, which means that approximately 87 to 88 percent of your device’s heated water is usable.

In order to gain the best energy efficiency for your home, you should install a tankless water heater since the unit will heat water as you need it.


Once you’ve decided to purchase a new water-heating unit, you’ll need to buy a device that is the right size. You’ll need to consider the number of residents living in your home. If you have a large family and use your washing machine often, then you’ll need a larger hot water device. You’ll also want to install a unit that can sustain several appliances at once. For example, more than one family member may need to shower at the same time. Therefore, your unit will need to accommodate more users.

When sizing your new water-heating unit, don’t buy a unit that is too large as it will cost more to heat the water in your home.

Energy Efficiency

During your search for a new water heating unit, you should review the efficiency for each device. With electrical units, you‘ll receive 100 percent efficiency. However, electrical units will typically increase your energy bills. Consider that a gas water-heating unit may be 90 percent efficient, but is less expensive to operate. Also, keep in mind that installation of an electric unit may cost you more. During your purchase of a new unit, be sure to focus on energy efficiency as it will pay for itself over time. When you contact us, we can recommend the best unit for your home.

Your New Water Heater’s Guarantee

Before you purchase a new water heating mechanism, review the company’s warranty information and how they handle problems with the device. You should also assess the length of time your warranty will be in effect and compare the unit’s protection against other water-heating products.

You should review the product for recall information, and if there has been a recall, then make sure the company fixed the problem with its newer units. Your new unit may also qualify for a tax rebate based upon its energy efficiency capabilities, so make sure you check the financial benefits of buying your new water heater.

With a water heater replacement, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a unit that offers you a high level of energy efficiency. You can contact our company for help when you decide to upgrade to a new unit.