Programmable Thermostats are Getting Smart Like Your Other Devices

Published on: July 13, 2012

Studies show that you can save as much as 10 percent on your yearly cooling costs by adjusting your thermostat during the summer. Remembering to turn your AC up and down during the day is a bother at best. However, with a programmable thermostat, you can set it up to change your air conditioner system settings automatically. Further, due to recent technological improvements, you are now able to remotely access AC maintenance settings. Newer digital thermostats have 7 day-a-week programming options as well as vacation modes.


One of the biggest innovations to programmable thermostats is the ability to remotely program and oversee your air conditioning system. These programs allow you to see the temperature in your house and adjust it accordingly. This is excellent if you are out of town on and a cold front passes through, or if you forgot to change the settings before you left home. Most AC maintenance thermostats even work with smart phones.


Another feature that programmable thermometers have allows you to set up temperature guidelines for all seven days of the week. That means no matter what your schedule is, every day the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature for when you will be home, without you having to do any AC maintenance yourself. Most air conditioner services suggest that you set your programmable thermostat to begin cooling your house an hour before your anticipated arrival. This way, your household temperature reaches the desired comfort level in time.


Many thermostats offer the ability to set up vacation modes that keep your house cool enough that electronics do not overheat, but warm enough that you are still saving money on your electricity bill. If you have a thermostat that allows for remote AC maintenance, you can even change the settings on your way home so your house is the temperature you want it by the time you arrive.


Advanced air conditioner service options for newer thermostats also include a variety of reminders and monitoring options. Examples of this include reminders to change your air filter, to arrange for your yearly AC maintenance, and humidity monitoring. Most programmable thermostats come with LED touchscreens that are user friendly and allow you to program a variety of settings, such as minimum and maximum allowed temperatures.


With a new programmable thermostat, you are in total control of your air conditioner, allowing you to save money and regulate household temperatures no matter where you are.