3 Ways Upgrading to High Efficiency AC Will Benefit Your Atlanta GA

Published on: July 13, 2012

When you live in the south, summers can be incredibly humid and miserable. This is especially true if you live in Atlanta, GA. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is a top priority on muggy summer days, but with the rising cost of electricity, it has become increasingly expensive to do so. However, having an AC service come and install a new high efficiency AC unit can help keep your cooling costs down and reduce the amount of money you spend on air conditioner maintenance.



If you have an older air conditioner, chances are you are spending a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills and constantly needing an AC maintenance team come out to your home. Trying to keep a unit that is more than ten years old up and running properly can be a challenge, whereas air conditioners that are manufactured today are 40 percent more efficient on average. Therefore, if you have an older AC system, you could probably pay for a new one just from the money you save on upkeep and power bills.



Another excellent reason to consider having an AC service install a newer high efficiency air conditioner for you is because your home will be more comfortable. No matter how much air conditioner maintenance you do on older models, they will not be able to cool your home as quickly or evenly as a newer unit. Additionally, many new air conditioning units have more advanced air filtration systems in place, meaning that your indoor air quality will improve greatly when a new system is installed. New AC service units can filter more pollen, allergens and dust from the air, meaning relief from asthma and allergies.


Market Value

In addition to lowering the amount of money you spend on air conditioner maintenance and your AC service, installing a new high efficiency AC unit can also improve the market value of your home. With the housing market driving down the value of houses every day, having the ability to add equity to your home is very important. Studies have shown that energy efficient homes sell for between 8 and 30 percent more than homes without these benefits. Should you decide to move out of your Atlanta, GA home at some point, having a house with a high efficiency air conditioner can make it that much easier to sell.


To ensure your comfort during the summer, reduce the amount of money you spend on air conditioner maintenance and power bills, and increase the value of your home, consider installing a high efficiency air conditioner.