Why is High Efficiency Air Conditioning Worth the Extra Up-Front Cost? Long Term Savings

Published on: July 25, 2012

If your living space has not recently updated through an air conditioning installation, you may not be aware of the energy efficient options that you have when it comes to providing a good quality of life through your air conditioning choices. Energy efficiency standards have increased both from political pressure and from technological advancements. Contrary to popular belief, these new air conditioning installations with greater energy efficiency do not cost any more to install than their more antiquated, less efficient counterparts.

Although an air conditioning installation of a system known for energy efficiency may cost more up front, that initial investment will be returned in spades over the long term. Below are some of the many advantages of investing in an energy-efficient system that provides excellent quality air-conditioning without creating an overly negative situation for the outside environment.


Lower Cost?

Believe it or not, having an energy-efficient air-conditioning system will lower your heating and cooling costs over the long term, returning your investment of the higher installation costs within a few years, if not months.

This is an especially important advantage for people who live in places with volatile weather conditions. If you have to negotiate your thermostat with greater variance than the normal person, you will often add a great deal of expenditure to your air-conditioning under these conditions unless you have a truly modern energy efficient system.


Energy Efficient Technological Advancements are Actually Less Expensive

Many of the technologies that have been developed over time to help the environment are actually less expensive to use than their more antiquated counterparts. For instance, certain types of energy-efficient refrigerants are actually much better at moving through duct systems and transporting conditions, sanitized air into a living space.

Many energy efficient systems are more energy-efficient because they are simply more efficient. There are less parts simply because more efficient ways have been found to transport conditioned air from the outside environment to your living space. There is no magic bullet here; people have simply found better ways of doing things that use less materials.

Also, the less materials that you have inside of your air conditioning unit, the less parts that you have to break down on you. This means less money spent on expensive updates and replacement packages, saving you even more money even if you have a routine maintenance package in place (and you should).


You Help the Environment!

The obvious advantage of getting an energy-efficient air-conditioning unit is that you help the environment. However, helping the environment also has a very selfish advantage for you.
The less that your air-conditioning unit bothers the outside environment, the less that the energy usage around your neighborhood, city and state will be. This can bring down energy costs on a macroeconomic scale and provide people with a much more cost-efficient way to increase their quality of life overall.

Based on this information, not only should you get an energy-efficient system, but you should also encourage your neighbors to invest in one as well.