Controlling Humidity in Your Macon, GA Home Increases Your Health

Published on: July 13, 2012

A high level of humidity in your home can cause significant health issues. Since it promotes bacteria growth, mold and mildew are likely to form. These pollutants can cause respiratory illnesses, headaches, fatigue, and in worst cases, death. As a result, it is essential to control the humidity in your home. Achieving and maintaining quality indoor air is one of the best ways to increase your health. The following information will help you learn how to take back control of your Macon, Georgia, home. You will also acquire information about ways in which our team can provide assistance.

Signs of Too Much Humidity:
– Condensation forming on the windows
– Musty smells throughout the house
– Water stains on the ceilings or walls
– Mold in the bathroom
– Allergies acting up

Signs of Too Little Humidity :
– Breathing issues
– A scratchy nose or throat
– Skin and lips are chapped
– Electronic equipment malfunctioning
– Static and sparks

Testing Indoor Air Quality
If you think that you have a humidity problem in your home, the best thing to do is test the indoor air quality. Our service team will come out with a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels in your Macon, Georgia, home. The hygrometer measures the relative humidity in a home. If it is too high, we may need to perform air conditioner maintenance. A hygrometer reading is the best way to know if further action is required.

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance
One way to decrease high humidity levels is by running an air conditioner. Make sure that the unit is sized properly. Approximately one ton of air conditioning is needed for each 600 square foot section of the house. A properly sized air conditioner will pull the excess moisture from your home. Not to mention, an ideal unit will cool the home with greater ease and efficiency.

Air conditioner maintenance is another way to control indoor air quality. With our HVAC services, we will perform air conditioning maintenance on your commercial or residential system. Our qualified HVAC contractors can ensure that your unit is running properly. Whether you need your unit repaired or replaced, we can get the job done. In addition to air conditioner maintenance, our contractors can also install new units.

Properly Ventilating Your Home
The hygrometer reading should show a relative humidity index between 40 to 60 percent; this is considered good indoor air quality. If it doesn’t result in such a reading, further action may be required. Besides air conditioner maintenance, your home may need to be properly ventilated.

Ventilation ensures that fresh air is being circulated into the house. This also reduces the amount of indoor pollutants. When the weather permits, consider opening the windows. Having kitchen and bathroom fans with an exhaust to the outdoors is also a great way to increase ventilation. Our contractors can make sure that your air conditioner vent is doing its job.