Programmable Thermostats are Getting Smart Like Your Other Devices

Published on: July 13, 2012

Along with all the other devices that we have become so accustom to, programmable thermostats have evolved over the years. Programmable thermostats can now be compared to other smart gadgets, such as your home security system control pad, or even your iPad, and they are definitely a smart investment for the homeowner. Our air conditioner service professionals will install a programmable thermostat for you and then train you regarding how to set, program and override the device.

Programmable thermostats have the functionality to switch from the cooling system to the heating system automatically. They help save energy costs because the homeowner may set the thermostat at an “energy saving” setting while no one is at home. These thermostats are great for climates where the temperature may change dramatically throughout the course of one day.

With a programmable thermostat, you also have the option to manually set the temperature at any given time. These thermostats allow manual override of the programmed settings to ensure comfort. Programmable thermostats may even cut your AC maintenance costs because the system does not need to run at one temperature when no one is in the home. You can set your thermostat at a warmer temperature in the summer while your family is at work and school. You can then program the thermostat to begin cooling the home before your family arrives. You save on energy costs and AC maintenance.

Our air conditioner service company has witnessed the development of thermostats that may be programmed for every hour of the day, for months in advance. In fact, some programmable thermostats may be accessed from a remote device and set while the homeowner is away from the home. Many of the newest programmable thermostats may be set using a smartphone or tablet mobile device. In addition, they have the ability to integrate with the homeowner’s security system and may be controlled using the remote security system application. Today’s programmable thermostats are smart devices that are easy to program and save you money.

Our air conditioner service company will recommend a programmable thermostat that is right for your system and fits within your budget. Programmable thermostats need not be costly. However, as with any device, the more features included, the more expensive the thermostat will be. Programmable thermostats are worth the investment whether you purchase a less expensive device or a deluxe model.

Regular AC maintenance is always required to ensure that your AC system is running efficiently. Why not install a programmable thermostat the next time you call our air conditioner service department for AC maintenance or service? Our professional air conditioner service technicians will install your thermostat in just a few minutes, and can do so during a routine maintenance call.