Ventilation Options to Improve Your Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Home’s Comfort

Published on: July 13, 2012

You can easily improve the indoor air quality of your Hattiesburg, Mississippi home with an updated ventilation system. If you live in an energy efficient home, then you may have an air circulation unit that prevents fresh air from entering your residence. With poor air flow, your home may build up pollutants that can cause health problems. Your AC unit may also be updated to improve your home’s indoor air quality, and when you need air conditioner service, we can review your unit to make sure it’s working efficiently.

Types of Ventilation

The air that is outside your home enters and leaves your residence through natural ventilation, infiltration and machine-driven ventilation. With infiltration, the cracks in your walls, ceilings and doors will allow air to enter and leave your home. The natural air circulation process allows air to shift through your home when you open your windows and doors while machine-driven ventilation includes fans and air handling devices.

When you add localized exhaust fans to your home, you can improve your indoor air quality. For example, the addition of bathroom fans and range hoods will help move toxins out of your home, while whole-house ventilation will require more equipment. You will need several fans, along with a duct system, which will increase the fresh air within your home.

Today’s energy efficient homes are creating toxic indoor air quality, which you can improve by updating your heating and cooling system. Our air conditioner service can help you select the right unit for your home.

Heating and Cooling Units

You can improve the comfort of your home with an Energy Star rated HVAC system. With new technology, you’ll have a unit that will ventilate your home properly while also reducing your utility costs. When you contact us for air conditioner service, we will review your system to make sure the unit’s connection is correct because poor installation will often result in energy waste.

Prevent Moisture

When your home has proper ventilation, you will avoid the numerous health problems that can arise from dangerous mold and airborne pollutants. In order to prevent moisture from building up in your walls, attic or basement, be sure to stop air leaks. When we provide air conditioner service, we can check the air pressure in your vents to make sure your HVAC system is free of leaks.

Ventilate Your Home’s Moisture

Certain areas of your home will generate extra moisture, such as your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. In order to keep your home’s air healthy, make sure these areas are well ventilated. You may even consider adding controlled ventilation as this will prevent the increase of stale air and indoor toxins. With air-to-air heat exchangers or heat-recovery ventilators, you can make sure your home’s air quality is healthy for you and your family. You may also add a dehumidifier to your residence and make sure the attic has proper ventilation.

Our air conditioner service experts can help improve the indoor air quality of your Hattiesburg, Mississippi, home while still ensuring that your residence is environmentally friendly with reduced utility expenses.