Air Conditioning in Savannah GA: Know When to Repair or Opt for Replacement

Published on: July 13, 2012

Air conditioning in Savannah GA is always going to require general maintenance on a regular basis and even professional air conditioning service, but there may come a time when regular AC repair just won’t solve the problem. At some point, it may be time to replace your outdated HVAC system. However, the cost of ac repair may be less than thirty percent the cost of a new system, so this can be a very tantalizing option for those who don’t have the funds, especially if the rest of the system is in decent operating condition.

Warranty and Repair History

Keeping track of the air conditioning service that has been done on your system in the past and whether or not your unit is still under warranty are things to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace it. Consider the following:
• Is it still under warranty?
• Has the compressor been replaced?
• Has the heat exchanger been replaced?
• Have any other parts been replaced that were under warranty?

The Age of Your HVAC System

Most systems have components that are designed with a life-expectancy of about 15-20 years. After this point, systems are prone to the following:
• Performance decrease due to coils that have clogged or become corroded
• Bigger ac repair expenses, such as issues with the compressor
• Energy deficiency issues

Energy Efficiency

Newer HVAC systems are more sophisticated and come with programmable thermostats that allow users to set various temperature controls for specific times of day or month. During winter season, homeowners can keep temperatures lower while they’re not home and have it programmed to begin warming just before everyone returns. Having this type of control is not only very practical but can save huge amounts on energy costs throughout the year without sacrificing comfort.

Economic Factors

Given the dire news in today’s economy, it isn’t surprising that people prefer air conditioning repair over replacement. It’s a trade-off actually. Super-efficient units that incorporate a solid Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) can save up to sixty percent in energy expenses, but can range in price from $5,000-6,000.

Many customers may not have the available funds to invest in a new efficient system, so will consider AC repair their primary option. Whether you choose repair or replacement, it’s imperative that you rely on qualified and certified technicians for either task. There are many other factors to consider that would require a full evaluation from a professional air conditioning service technician for you to make the most informed decision.

Air Conditioning in Savannah GA

The mechanical details are just part of the equation when determining AC repair over replacement. A professional installer can run the estimates for you to help determine whether purchasing a new system will save costs in the long run, or if opting for service on your old unit is the way to go. Proper maintenance is also the key. Obviously, a properly maintained HVAC system will perform more efficiently, and much longer, than one that is not maintained on a regular basis.