Upgrade Your Mobile AL AC – You’ll Stay Cool and Save Money

Published on: July 13, 2012

In volatile climates like those found in Mobile, AL, you can never know exactly what the weather is going to do. You have to be prepared for the most humid and hot of summer days, or the most torrential downpours. If your air conditioning unit is not prepared when these dog days hit, you and your loved ones can find yourselves in quite a bit of discomfort.

In order to avoid this kind of discomfort, a routine air conditioner service is essential, especially during the more unpredictable summer and winter months. Since the emphasis of most southern regions is on staying cool, the extreme heat of the summer is what you need to prepare for.

Here are some tips to notice about your air conditioning service in order to avoid having to deal with an unpleasant living environment in Mobile, AL.

1. Make sure that your air conditioning unit is fully up to speed with current regulations and specifications.

Because SEER specs are constantly updated with the most current information available about technology and weather conditions, having an air conditioning unit that is up to date means that it will be better able to withstand the weather that is hitting you currently.

If you have the AC installation or service done by a licensed professional, you can be sure to have the most up to date air conditioning system available for your living space.

2. Upgrade your system with a dual compressor format.

A dual compressor format in an air conditioning system splits the work between two hubs instead of piling it on to one. Although this may cost a bit more initially in terms of AC installation, it will save you a great deal of money on air conditioner service in the future.

A dual compressor system will last much longer than a single compressor system. It will also expend much less energy and work less to achieve the same kind of final result in terms of conditioning the air in your living space. Less energy expended means a longer life for the system and less money spent on air conditioner service and new AC installation in the future.

3. An updated system will give you less health concerns to worry about.

The most updated air conditioning systems are also equipped with the latest filters and systems that protect you from allergens and bacteria in the outside air. This will also save you a great deal of money in air conditioner service because of the effectiveness of the system. You will not have to replace a filter that is letting allergens through with an updated system.

4. You will avoid the cost of multiple AC installations.

When it comes to your loved ones and your business assets, there is not much that most people won’t do for protection. Therefore, it is much better to simply upgrade your entire air conditioning system and get your AC installation done right the first time, rather than having to go back and forth with inferior systems.