Heat Pump Care: What You can do and When to Call a Technician

Published on: July 13, 2012

Regular care for your heat pump is essential for making sure it is in peak working order. However, there will be occasions when you will need to call an HVAC service technician. The homeowner should know what they can do to maintain the heat pump and when a professional heating and air conditioner repair technician should be called.

Heat Pump Care That the Homeowner Can Do
Homeowners who have a heat pump installed can and should perform a few maintenance steps to ensure that their heat pump performs well over the course of many years.

1. Clean or replace filters every six months. (More often if needed)

Clean permanent metal filters and replace disposable filters at least every six months, or more frequently if they become excessively dirty. Cleaning and replacing filters will keep the air cleaner inside the home and keep the heat pump operating efficiently. Dirt and debris in the filter keeps air from freely flowing, which reduces the efficiency of the heat pump and the air conditioner.

Note that filters are located in different areas of the house. Filters will be located in the intake air vents within the home. However, there will also be a filter in the heat pump unit itself. The filter in the heat pump is located near the unit’s blower.

2. Check and clean the outdoor condenser of the heat pump.

Make sure that leaves, snow and debris are cleared from around the heat pump’s condenser. Turn off the unit and shut off the power to the heat pump’s condenser at the circuit breaker box. Scoop the debris and dirt out of the condenser unit.

Use a refrigerator or coil condenser brush to clean the coils of the condenser. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any excess build up. For stubborn, caked-on dirt, use a water hose to loosen the debris, or just use a spray-on coil cleaner. Call a heating and air conditioner repair technician if there is debris or dirt that cannot be removed.

Note that many homeowners would prefer to call a heating and air conditioning repair technician to provide this service. However, if you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, this is certainly a task that can be performed without the assistance of a professional HVAC company.

3. Have the heat pump checked every year by a heating and air conditioner repair professional.

A heating and AC service provides yearly inspections to ensure that your heat pump is working efficiently. An annual inspection will also indicate wear and tear on the unit. Routine maintenance allows the homeowner the opportunity to fix potential problems before any component malfunctions on the unit. Regular inspections and necessary repairs are essential for the life of your heat pump.