Improve Home Performance With Spray Foam Insulation

Published on: July 25, 2012


Spray foam insulation can enable a homeowner to seal their property from various weather-related elements. Using insulation throughout your home can create a barrier against unwanted air, drafts, water and moisture. Protecting your home from various elements could help you save money too.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation may be used around pipes or hoses that enter your home. The product insulates your home from a variety of bugs, rain and outside light. Spray foam is an ideal product for an attic insulation job. Homeowners who notice above-average energy bills might reduce their heating and cooling costs with a properly insulated attic.

Heating Costs

If you use electricity, propane or natural gas to heat your home, a tightly sealed property could help you save a significant amount of money. Spray foam insulation could help a homeowner retain heat within their home. Homes with an inferior amount of attic insulation could experience high heating bills.

Cooling Costs

If your home is cooled with central air or other types of air conditioning, you can add spray foam insulation to areas of your attic. An insufficient amount of attic insulation could cause your air-handling unit to operate more often. Your cooling costs could escalate from an inadequately sealed home.

Energy Efficiency

An energy efficient home could enable you to save money. If you make certain investments in your home, you should realize a reduction in your heating and cooling costs. If you regularly operate an air conditioning unit, you can contact a local company to assess the performance of your system. A certified HVAC technician can review your attic insulation levels. If your home needs certain energy efficiency upgrades, a local air conditioning company can supply the items that you need.


A local air conditioning company can provide routine maintenance for your home. An annual inspection or quarterly visits could help ensure that your home is efficiently heated and cooled. Scheduled maintenance could prolong the use of your air handling system too.


Costs for improving your home will vary according to your specific needs. You can speak with a professional service provider in your area to discuss pricing.


The performance of your air-handling unit will increase with proper insulation methods. Homeowners usually feel more comfortable in a home that has adequate insulation. You may increase the value of your home too. Using spray foam might enable you to retain a cooler home.