Preventive AC Maintenance That You Should Do in Pensacola FL

Published on: July 13, 2012

Preventative maintenance will keep your air conditioner in top running order and ensures that your AC unit efficiently uses energy. Proper preventative AC maintenance involves having an air conditioner service technician inspect the AC unit, before the drastic repairs are needed. Annual preventative AC maintenance inspections are recommended by air conditioner service professionals. In fact, for complete HVAC systems, an inspection should be performed in the spring in preparation for the summer months, and in the fall in preparation for the winter months. In Pensacola, FL and other regions of the southern United States, the winters can be unbearably cold and the summers can be brutally hot, so bi-yearly inspections would be wise.

In addition to regular AC maintenance checks, the homeowner must be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep the factory warranty of the unit intact. The AC unit’s manual will include the manufacturer’s recommendations for regularly scheduled AC maintenance checks as well as any other guidelines for the proper care of the unit.

One way homeowners can perform preventative maintenance to keep their AC units in top running order is to regularly change or clean the filters. Clean filters will not only keep the AC unit running well and extend the life of the unit, but clean filters will also improve the indoor air quality. The better the AC filter, the more toxic particles will be collected by the filter. AC filters with higher MERV ratings collect more pollutants and keep the toxic particles from traveling through the air. Poor air quality is a known factor that contributes to several illnesses, allergies and respiratory conditions. Keep your family healthy and comfortable by changing or cleaning your AC system’s filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

AC service companies in Pensacola, FL offer preventative maintenance agreements that include annual or semi-annual inspections of the AC unit. An air conditioner service technician comes to the home and performs several tasks that will ensure the unit remains functional and performs at an optimal level for years to come.

When an air conditioner service professional performs a preventative maintenance check, the following items are usually included in the service:

– Cleaning of the condenser coil
– Cleaning and adjustment of blower components
– Measuring for correct air flow
– Tightening of all electrical connections
– Testing of starting capabilities
– Testing of safety controls
– Monitoring cooling and heating cycles
– Monitoring refrigerant pressure
– Measuring volts and amps
– Cleaning or replacing standard air filters
– Cleaning of condensate drains
– Monitoring vent draft
– Lubrication of all moving parts
– Application of protective coating
– Measuring temperature difference between supply and return air
– Cleaning of evaporator coil
– Adjustment of gas pressure and pilot
– Cleaning of ignition assembly

Proper AC maintenance is a proactive approach for keeping your AC system in top working order. In addition, proper air conditioner maintenance will improve the indoor air quality in your home. Proper maintenance also ensures that your AC unit is utilizing energy in the most efficient way. A properly maintained unit will save the homeowner money on utility bills and will also provide a more comfortable home for those living in it.

Purchase a preventative maintenance agreement with an air conditioner service company to make sure that your AC unit is properly maintained.