Duct Sealing in Montgomery AL: Improves Home Comfort, IAQ, and Saves You Money

Published on: July 25, 2012

In Montgomery, AL, the weather definitely has its way of making you aware of its presence. The city of Montgomery, like many of the metropolitan cities in the southern United States, is quite volatile when it comes to its weather conditions. It could be sweltering and dry one day but humid and overcast the next.

Dealing with weather conditions such as these may be frustrating, but it also forces homeowners to really get to know their air conditioning unit, along with all of its functions. One of the most important components to a proper air conditioning maintenance service is the ductwork, which is done on a routine basis.

Proper ductwork installation and maintenance has many advantages for the family or business that invest in this type of preventive program. Below are some of the top benefits of getting your ductwork checked on a regular basis, especially in places with volatile weather conditions.

Proper ductwork can save you money.

If your ducts are leaking, you are losing conditioned air to places like your walls and ceiling that do not need any temperature control. This means that you will be using more energy to cool or heat places within your living space, which will drive up your energy costs. If you suddenly find your electric bill to be substantially higher, you most likely need some ductwork done. Have an immediate air conditioning maintenance service scheduled.

Proper air conditioning maintenance will increase the health of anyone in your living space.

One of the main reasons for having your ducts cleaned is to keep contaminants from entering the air in your living space. If your ductwork is dirty, then your air-conditioning unit must work much harder for the same cleanliness. This means one of two things: 1) Either the life of your air conditioning unit will be severely shortened, or 2) Contaminants will be allowed to pass through, endangering the health of the people inside your living or working space.

You can easily avoid these problems with a routine air conditioning maintenance program. Make sure that your technician is licensed to check and assess your ductwork.

Proper duct sealing means added comfort.

If you have an air conditioning unit with sealed ducts, then the air will flow evenly between the rooms in your house. You will not experience drastic temperature changes from room to room, which would be the case if there was a leaky duct system present.