Preventive Maintenance Benefits No Homeowner Can Afford to Miss

Published on: July 25, 2012

Your home’s air conditioner cools down and circulates the air throughout your home. Air conditioning maintenance will keep your system running more efficiently. Many people neglect their air conditioner until there is a problem. Performing routine air conditioning maintenance will guarantee that your home stays cool without breaking down when the unit is most needed. The following four reasons will show you why proper ac service is necessary for your air conditioner.

Save Energy:
The EPA estimates that the average American home spends almost 20 percent of their income on energy bills. AC service and air conditioning maintenance will help you save energy and live a greener lifestyle. An HVAC technician is trained to test your system to check for leaks or improperly functioning parts. These tests help your ac service run efficiently and properly.

Reduce Your Energy Costs:
Your home needs to have regular air conditioning maintenance to save you money on cooling costs. Air filters that are dirty will make your air conditioner work harder causing energy bills to be larger than necessary. An ac service technician is able to check for dirty coils that will cause your cooling costs to rise.

Reduce Repair Costs:
Preventive air conditioning maintenance will save you money in the long run. Minor problems will be caught before the whole unit will need to be replaced or become unmanageable. Dirty air condenser coils or filters have the potential to make the entire air conditioning unit to stop working due to a failed compressor. AC service is dramatically cheaper for preventive maintenance than it is to replace the compressor or the entire unit. If you have regular ac service performed, the technician will find any leaks that may cause foundation issues or long term damage to your air conditioner.

Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner:
The easiest way to extend the life of your air conditioner is through preventive ac service. Your air conditioner will work its best when it is properly taken care of through regular maintenance and cleaning. If one part of your unit breaks, the entire system may fail which will result in a total replacement. The health of your air conditioning unit depends on regular preventive maintenance. Your air conditioner will work more efficiently and with less stress on all of the varying parts if it has been maintained properly. A maintained air conditioner will last years longer and cost less to run than a unit that is neglected throughout its lifespan.