Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump: What You can do and What You Should Leave for the South Georgia Technician

Published on: July 13, 2012

As a resident of south Georgia, your HVAC unit is most likely equipped with a heat pump, which will help your unit heat and cool your home. If your device stops working, then you may be able to locate the source of the problem with regular heat pump maintenance. With extensive repairs, you will need to contact our air conditioning service team.

Evaluating Your Heat Pump’s Blower
When the blower on your heat pump isn’t working, you should check the limit switch, which you’ll find underneath the heat distribution box. If the air becomes overheated, then the switch will shut the pump down. You can contact our air conditioning service team to assess your unit’s blower.

Troubleshooting a Non-Starting Heat Pump
During heat pump maintenance, your pump may need to be restarted at a reduced temperature. Be sure to check the instructions before restarting the device. If your pump has a system selector switch, then flip the switch to the emergency heat dial and allow the pump to rest for about six hours before flipping the switch back to its normal setting. You can contact our air conditioning service team for assistance if your heat pump still does not start after that.

Reviewing a Heat Pump that is Over Cycling
If your heat pump is turning on and off more than usual, then your unit may be malfunctioning. You can check the filter for clogs and review the thermostat, which may be calibrated incorrectly. Our air conditioning service team can evaluate your thermostat and adjust the mechanism if needed.

Assessing a Heat Pump that is Freezing
When the condensing device of the heat pump freezes, you can check the system’s return-air registers for clogs. During regular heat pump maintenance, you can also check the filter to make sure it isn’t blocked. Contact our heat pump maintenance department for an assessment when you are unable to detect a debris issue.

Evaluating Your Heat Pump When it isn’t Heating or Cooling
Keep in mind that the air released from a heat pump won’t feel as hot as air that is dispelled from fuel burning furnaces. If you’ve noticed that your air feels warmer or colder than usual, then you may need to check your thermostat for an accurate setting. Anther mechanism that may be affecting your heat pump’s air is the filter, which may need to be cleaned along with the pump’s heating elements. If the air temperature is still too hot or cold, then our air conditioning service department will locate the device’s repair needs for you.

Examining a Heat Pump that is Making Noise
If you’re completing your regular heat pump maintenance and hear grinding or shrieking noises, then you should turn the unit off and call our air conditioning service team. When your heat pump is making a clattering sound, the problem may be that the cover panel is loose, which you can tighten yourself.

When your heating and cooling unit’s heat pump fails in your south Georgia home, our air conditioning service department has the knowledge and skill to repair or replace the device.