Give Indoor Air Quality A Boost With an Air Purification System

Published on: July 25, 2012

Modern homes offer numerous advantages such as the perfect countertop height in kitchens, open floor plans and reduced energy costs. Unfortunately, affordable utility bills often come with a disadvantage in contemporary homes, which is poor air quality. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency released a report stating that a home’s indoor air can have five times the pollutants as the air outside.

When you and your family members breathe contaminant-filled air, health problems may occur such as asthma and allergies. Other ailments caused by poor air quality include fatigue, headaches and nausea.

Air Purification Options

In order to improve your home’s indoor air quality, you should consider adding an air purifier to your home. Once you include an air purifier in your home, the device will pull air into a filter, which will capture indoor pollutants such as pollen, bacteria and dust along with spores and viruses. You have several options regarding purifiers including stand-alone devices and whole-house systems. When you consider your air purifier choices, you’ll see both positive and negative features to your options.

Whole-House Units

The positive features of a whole-house air purifier include less maintenance, improved indoor air quality and reduced noise from the unit. When you add a whole-house air purification system to your home, our company will install the device in your furnace area or basement. Therefore, you will not hear the unit working while it eliminates the pollutants in your home.

Another benefit to a purification device that you install through your home is that you only need one system. With a whole-house unit, you won’t be stumbling over a machine or its cord. Keep in mind that you will pay more for this type of system.

Stand Alone Units

If you select a stand-alone unit, you will have a purifier that is less expensive and will provide fresh air to any room in your home. With a moveable unit, you can take it with you from room to room and it can even go with you on vacation.

Several negative features of a stand-alone purifier include finding a spot in each room of your home for the unit along with causing a visual blemish to each room’s design scheme. You may find yourself tripping on a moveable device and should review the rooms of your home to ensure you have a safe place to set it.

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When you complete routine upkeep on your HVAC unit, you can improve the air quality in your home. You should purchase air filters with a high MERV rating as the device will eliminate contaminants from your indoor air. With a higher filter rating, your mechanism will pull miniscule elements from your home’s air. You can contact our company to complete annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system.

Once you decide to improve your home’s indoor air quality, you’ll find that an air purifier is a safe and affordable way to protect your family.