Features to Look For When Buying a New AC Unit

Published on: August 23, 2012

If you have not upgraded your HVAC system for a while, you may actually benefit from taking a look at the new technologies that have been incorporated into the world of heating and cooling before deciding that you need to stay with your current system.

Getting a new AC installation can actually save you a great deal of money over the long term with the newer models of HVAC system that are out today. Below are a few reasons that you may want to consider a brand new AC installation and getting rid of your current HVAC system.

One – Centralized control

New air conditioning systems have the ability to control the entire process from a centralized remote control. This means that instead of having to search for the control boxes, you can simply affect the climate inside of the environment as simply as turning on your TV set.

Two – Dual compressor system

Most of the new HVAC systems and AC installations of the current generation have completely overhauled the workload of the system. A dual compressor system has the ability to improve the life of the entire HVAC system by dividing the workload between two hubs.

Dual compressor systems may be slightly more expensive than a single compressor system upfront, but they save a great deal of money for a homeowner in the form of less repairs and replacements over time. A dual compressor system is also able to much better handle the unexpected emergencies of a volatile season.

Three – Specialized filtration system

The new AC installations that are available today provide a much better indoor air quality than older AC installation packages. The filtration on multi filter systems dedicate a filter to each type of contaminant, including bacteria, viruses and allergens. These types of filters are usually much easier to take apart and clean. This alone will save you money on repairs because you can actually perform the routine filter cleanings as a layman without having to pay a licensed technician.

Four – High efficiency procedures

You do not have to make a choice today between a strong and powerful air conditioner system and an air conditioner that is good for the environment. There are actually certain changes that have been make to the more modern versions of AC systems that are able to increase the efficiency of the system while using chemicals that are actually more gentle on the environment.

Check the EER or the SEER rating of your air conditioner as well and make sure that it is up to par with the current ratings of the marketplace.

Five – Manual J and Manual D

These are two very important standards when it comes to buying a new air conditioning unit. Manual J has to do with the size of the AC unit as compared to the size of the house it is in. Manual D has to do with the duct sizing of the unit.