Want To Know How Your AC Works?

Published on: August 23, 2012

Did you ever wonder how your HVAC system works? Your home’s air conditioning system and your refrigerator work in a very similar manner. Your refrigerator cools a small compact space whereas your air conditioner cools your entire home. Your HVAC system uses a chemical that will revert a gas to a liquid and back to its original form. This chemical takes the hot air from inside your home and releases outside.

Your air conditioning unit has three main components. The three parts are the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser. The evaporator is located within your home, sometimes as part of your heater. The condenser and compressor are located on the outside unit of your air conditioning system.

Fluid comes to the compressor as a low pressured and cool gas. The compressor then constricts the fluid and pushes it closer together. The closer together the molecules of fluid become the larger the energy and cooler your space is able to reach.

If you desire to take a look at your outside HVAC system, look for the part of the unit that has metal fins surrounding it. The fins on your air conditioning unit act like a fan in blowing the heat away from your home.

The fluid will leave your condenser at a cooler temperature and will have changed from a gas to a liquid state under the system’s pressure. The liquid enters your air conditioning system’s evaporator through a miniscule and narrow opening. The pressure will drop once it has entered and will start the evaporation process turning the fluid into a gas. Your HVAC system pulls the heat from the air while the fluid is being converted into this gas. The heated air is necessary for the separation of molecules in the fluid to turn it into a gas form.

The evaporator on your HVAC system has metal fins to replace the thermal energy into the surrounding air. When the fluid leaves your evaporator on your HVAC system, it is once again a cool and low pressurized air. The process is repeated as long as your air conditioning system is running.

Your evaporator is connected to a fan that moves the air inside of your home into the metal fins. A vent is located on the unit to pull in the air and pass it through the ducts within your home. The hot air is taken and utilized to cool the gas in the evaporator. The air in your home is cooled as the heat is removed from the air. The cool air is then transferred into the air ducts and streamed through the home’s vents to cool down each room.

This process is continuously repeated within your HVAC system until your home is the proper temperature. Your air conditioning systems thermostat is designed to sense when the air has achieved the desired coolness. The thermostat regulates how often the system will run. When the air in your home heats up, the air conditioner will turn back on to cool the home to the desired temperature.