Heating and Air Troubleshooting in Your Kennesaw Home

Published on: August 10, 2012

Kennesaw is a town of around 29,783 in Cobb county Georgia. It originally began as a railroad town. It is known now for its family orientated atmosphere and was voted in 2007 as one of the 10 best family towns in America. On the other hand it is mandatory that every citizen in town must own a gun, but residents claim that this factor has caused a decrease in criminal activity using guns. The town is a mixture of Mexican immigrants and people who have been living here for generations.

There are a number of heating and air conditioning problems that can come up in your Kennesaw home. The first one is when your air conditioner will not turn on. There can be a number of reasons for this. Thermostat settings should be checked. It should be in an off position or on heat. The other situation that can arise is when you have the thermostat too high for cooling or too low for heating. Also check the breakers or fuses controlling the electricity to the thermostat.

Another heating and air conditioning problem is that ventilators and vents can be dirty. This will block air circulation and cause a loss of heating or cooling efficiency. Cleaning of the vents can make quite a difference to heating and cooling. The vents can also become disconnected or crimped which will again cause poor circulation of air. Be sure that the ventilators are open.

If your heating and air conditioning does not cool properly and has a long on cycle, this could be a sign of a failing compressor in your Kennesaw home. This could be due to damage or simply old age. If you experience a short on cycle, this can be due to a number of reasons, the unit may be too large for the home, refrigeration may be leaking, coils may be icing up or the thermostat could be obstructed.

Another heating and air conditioning problems that can come up in your Kennesaw home is that there can be too much humidity being created. This is often due to a unit that is too large for the area. There can also be water leaks or a decreased amount of condensate drainage. Open windows on a humid day can also cause this problem. Inadequate maintenance of the heat pump or condensing unit will lead to poor performance of your heating and cooling system. It should always be cleaned to ensure no dirt is on the coils. You should also check for damage to the fins of the coils and be sure that the fan is not damaged. The fan bearings should be well lubricated.

Heating and air conditioning problems that can come up in your Kennesaw home often have simple solutions. It is good to have your air conditioning and heating checked on a regular basis, because they work hard throughout the year. Most of the time you can get the problem resolved or repaired and you just need a reliable service company.