Heating and Cooling Tips for Your Alpharetta Home

Published on: August 20, 2012

Alpharetta is part of Fullerton County and a northern suburb of Atlanta. It has a population of 57,551. It originated as a trading post between white people and Native Americans. There was rich farming land surrounding the town and cotton plantations sprung up around it. The winters are quite mild only touching 50 degrees but the summers are hot and humid, with temperatures soaring to 90 degrees. This makes it necessary to have air conditioning.

Heating and Cooling are large consumers of electricity but there are quite a few things you can do to lower those bills and still feel comfortable.

Turn up the thermostat one or two degrees: This will still maintain a nice temperature in your home but will save a surprising amount of electivity. You can also turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees when you run the heater. You can save quite a bit on heating and cooling bills.

Maintain the air condition: the cooler is usually outside and can get quite dirty with dust and pollen, especially in the summer. It is wise to keep weeds and grass from growing around it. Always be sure that the coils and fins of the fan are clean and not damaged, when the cooler is kept clean the chances of damage and costly repairs decreases. This is usually the first thing that will go wrong in the air conditioner.

Keep your filters clean: Household dust and dirt will clog your filters and cause decreased performance of your heating and cooling in your Alpharetta home. They can be vacuumed but should be replaced annually. Be sure that you have the right measurements for this as filters come in different sizes.

Make sure the ducts in your home are clean and not damaged: this is not something you will not have to do often but you should be sure that the ducts in your Alpharetta home are clean and are not damaged. This will ensure that the air will circulate around your home more efficiently and improve the performance of your unit.

Another heating and cooling tip is to be sure the water heater is turned down to the lowest degree. This saves a lot of energy and money plus it will not result in cold baths and showers, as you add cold water anyway. The lower the temperature of the water heater the less hard it has to work to heat the water and the longer it will last. It is also good to check for leaks especially if the heater is older.

These tips will help you to stay comfortable and keep the heating and cooling unit in your Alpharetta home running longer. You will find you have less repair bills and save your money. If you do need to repair your units try to catch problems when they first begin. If you leave them for a longer time the repairs will just get worse and you will end up with bigger repair bills.