Leaky Ductwork: The Five Telltale Signs

Published on: August 23, 2012

With today’s cost of living on the rise, every dollar counts and since approximately 44 percent of your home’s energy bill will go toward heating and cooling your home, you may consider several ways to reduce your expenses. One area you can focus on is leaks in your home’s ductwork. The five signs that your ducts may be leaking include:

Your Home’s Temperature

If your HVAC unit is running frequently and your utility bills appear to be rising, then you may have leaky ductwork. You can also assess the temperatures within each room of your home, and if one or two areas feel warmer or colder than the rest of your house, then this is another sign that your home’s ducts are leaking.

Vent Check

A simple way to review your home’s ducts is to open a vent cover and look inside. As you assess your vents, you are looking for two problems. You should see that the ducts have a connection to the can section and are not placed into a hole in your floor. The other area to review is the sealing as you’ll want to see screws holding your ducts together. When you contact our AC duct cleaning crew, our professional staff will notify you if we see a problem.

Review your Home’s Insulation

When your home is losing energy due to leaky ducts, you can confirm the diagnosis by checking your insulation near your HVAC unit. If you see dark stains on the insulation, then the air is leaking. With air leakage, the insulation will stain from the buildup of dust. You can also check your duct connections, which may be behind the insulation.

Once we arrive to complete AC duct cleaning, we will check your ducts to confirm that they are sealed. We will also fasten areas that require repair.

Measure Your Home’s Temperature

With a digital thermometer, you can test your ducts for leaks. You’ll first need to turn your system off and then determine your home’s temperature near the sub floor. If you have a crawl space, then this is the best place to gauge the temperature. Let the thermometer read the temperature for about a minute. After the device has a reading, record the number and turn your heat to its highest setting. If the thermometer shows a temperature increase of less than 10 degrees, then you most likely have leaks.


When checking your home’s ductwork, you can remove one of the vent covers and review the ducts. If you see screws holding the unit together, then this a positive sign that your ducts have the proper attachments. However, if you see tape connecting your duct’s joints, then you may have leaking as tape will wear down. Once the tape’s glue is dry, the unit will begin to detach. When you see tape, you can contact our company for duct sealing.

Once you suspect that the ductwork in your home is leaking, you can contact our AC duct cleaning team for a thorough inspection.