Preventive Maintenance Benefits No Homeowner Can Afford to Miss

Published on: August 9, 2012

Summer can stress your air conditioning system, especially if your attention to simple details has been lax. The cost of AC repair during prime breakdown time can be huge, and the availability of repair professionals can be restricted because of a heavy workload. After all, the air conditioner rarely breaks down during cool weather. While you can’t avoid every possible problem through maintenance, you can limit the stress on your system by taking steps to evaluate the condition at various points throughout the year. A little bit of air conditioning maintenance can help you in averting a mid-summer malfunction. Additionally, this can cut your energy costs through conservation.

One of the simplest but most neglected air conditioning maintenance steps in caring for your cooling system is filter changing. Change your filter at the beginning of the season, and evaluate your filter each month. Replace a dirty filter in order to assure that air flow isn’t restricted and the system isn’t stressed. It’s easy to forget this during the summer, but a simple note on the calendar can help.

Check the condition of your thermostat as the warm weather nears. Consider upgrading your thermostat in order to take advantage of current technology. Smart thermostats, for example, can be monitored and controlled through mobile phone and tablet technology. Your AC repair professional can help you in considering the options available, and this approach to maintaining to your system can save you significantly in both summer and winter. Effective air conditioning maintenance includes upgrading when necessary.

Attention to your air conditioning unit outside is also important. If you live in an area plagued by rodents, make sure that there hasn’t been any chewing through wires. It’s also important to clear debris that may have infiltrated the unit covering during winter winds. Internal servicing and evaluation of an air conditioning unit can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the design and workings. An AC repair company can perform this type of preventive assessment, allowing you to be sure that refrigerant levels are sufficient and that coils and wires are intact.

Many homeowners are facing challenges with air conditioning unit theft. In a stressed economy, many are resorting to harvesting valuable metals from such units. Having your unit vandalized during hot weather can be costly and devastating. Consider installing security fencing or monitoring to protect your unit from vandalism and theft.

AC repair during heavy use periods is common, but taking preventive steps can limit your problems. You can’t afford to skip these steps because they will improve the effective use of energy in your home. Additionally, they will extend the life of your air conditioning system.