Why is High Efficiency Air Conditioning Worth the Extra Up-Front Cost? Long Term Savings

Published on: August 9, 2012

The many invigorating updates in the HVAC industry have brought energy efficiency to the marketplace that has never been there before. Although there have been many technological advancements for more energy efficient air conditioning installations, never before has there been energy efficiency in air conditioning systems that also provides an economic benefit for the customer. Contrary to popular belief, energy efficiency in an air conditioning installation no longer has to be a choice between power and efficiency.

Although these high efficiency air conditioning installations are more expensive up front, they can actually be much less expensive over the long term because of the savings you receive. Below are the ways in which energy efficiency is actually in your best interests for an air conditioning installation.

Savings on the Cooling and Heating Bills

A more energy efficient system gives you savings on your cooling and heating bills, especially if you are in a part of the world that gets especially hot or cold. Energy efficient heating systems can save up to 50% on a heating bill over the course of a year, which can actually pay back the initial difference in the cost of installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit within the course of a few months.

Better Structure Means Less Expense on Repairs

The reason that many of the energy efficient AC systems are more efficient are because of the advancements in technology within the structure of the overall HVAC industry. Legislation that has required the increase in efficiency as well as competition within the industry has brought up the efficiency levels of all systems that are sold on the market today.

There are less working parts in the more energy efficient system. This means that there is less of a chance that you will actually need to have something fixed. Less working parts for the same performance also mean that you use less energy in order to move the conditioned air around the system. This energy saving structure contributes to even lower heating and cooling costs as well as less need to spend money on repairs.

Environmentally Safe Air Conditioning Systems are Safer

Part of the reason that air conditioning units are safer today than ever before is because of the advancement in the chemicals in the refrigerants used inside of air conditioning units. Safer refrigerants not only provide a more clear airflow throughout the air conditioning unit, but they also provide a safer environment should the refrigerant ever leak.

Make sure that you always look for air conditioning systems that take the energy efficient types of refrigerant instead of the more toxic, antiquated version which is also less efficient.