Installing a New AC Unit? Lower Your Cooling Load First

Published on: August 23, 2012

With the numerous living expenses you face every day, finding a way to reduce your monthly budget will surely reduce your financial stress. One area you can focus on is your energy bills. When you lower the cooling load for your HVAC system, you will see a decrease in your utility costs. If you currently have an outdated air conditioning unit, then contact our AC installation company for information regarding the energy savings you’ll receive with a new HVAC system.

Preventative Maintenance

When you contact our AC installation department, we can send you a checklist of the annual maintenance your HVAC system requires. For example, you should replace your unit’s air filter regularly. After you change your filter, check the device once a month as it may be time for a new mechanism. You should also invest in a filter with a high MERV rating, which will capture small dirt particles.

Your Routine

In order to reduce your HVAC system’s cooling load, you may need to change your schedule. If you run water-using appliances at night, then you will be assisting your unit. Once you shift your routine from completing chores, such as laundry and washing dishes, during the day to a nighttime schedule, you’ll be decreasing your system’s workload since it can more easily remove the humidity from your home during the evening. Once you’ve contacted our AC installation company for an upgraded system, our service team will offer you tips regarding a reduction of your cooling load.

Decreasing Your Home’s Temperatures

When you are considering ways to reduce your HVAC system’s cooling load, inspect your home for rooms that you rarely use. Once you shut these areas away from the living spaces of your home, you’ll be decreasing your energy use.

After you contact our AC installation service department, our staff will assess the insulation in your home to make sure it is properly safeguarding your residence. You may consider adding insulation to your HVAC system’s ducts, which will stop your home’s cold air from blowing outside.

Inspect your home’s windows and doors for cracks as air may be leaving your home. When air escapes your residence, it increases the work your HVAC unit must do to keep your dwelling’s temperature comfortable. You can add sun-blocking drapes to your home’s windows, which will reduce the amount of heat entering your home. Also, assess the landscaping of your residence and consider adding shady trees and window shielding bushes.

Programmable Thermostat

A painless way for you to reduce your AC unit’s cooling load is to install a programmable thermostat. During the times you are away from home, you can set the device to increase the temperature in your home. You should also set the thermostat to cool your home to your preferred temperature about 30 minutes before you arrive back home.

After you reduce the cooling load for your HVAC system, you may have more financial flexibility. You will also decrease your home’s energy use, which will help the planet’s natural resources. If you have an older unit, then you can call our AC installation company for a new energy efficient device.