Insulation Basics For Your Home In Northern, GA

Published on: August 9, 2012

As a resident of Northern, GA, you should consider updating your home’s attic insulation. When you thoroughly protect your home, your residence will receive greater energy efficiency. Once you review our insulation guide, you can wisely choose the best product and level of coverage for your home.

Reasons You Should Insulate Your Home

When you call us to increase the attic insulation in your home, you’ll receive several benefits. For example, your home will be comfortable throughout the year, and your energy bills will decrease. With proper insulation, your home will be cozy during the chilly winter months and cool when the hot summer months arrive. The comfortable temperatures will also reduce the workload of your HVAC unit.

With thorough insulation, you’ll lower your use of the planet’s non-renewable resources, and your reduced energy use will decrease your home’s greenhouse effect on the environment.

What You Should Know About R-Value

In order to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you should review the R-value of insulation. R-value is a term used to define the level of resistance insulation has to heat flow. When you purchase attic insulation with a high R-value rating, you’ll have a product that will block both hot and warm air effectively.

You will gain the best level of energy efficiency for your home when your attic insulation has a high R-value.

The Best Areas of Your Home to Insulate

When you add insulation to your home’s attic, walls, basement and crawlspaces, your home will have greater protection. With insulation, your home will have a thermal casing, which will isolate the areas of your home that do not require heating or cooling from the sections of your home where you need temperature control.

Once you contact us for upgraded home insulation, we will add protection to the cracks and crevices that are in the walls of your home along with the areas surrounding your doors and windows. We can also insulate your home’s exterior walls and basement ceiling.

Insulation Categories

You have a large number of insulation options that feature a variety of price points. Your most affordable options include loose-fill, blanket and batting. When you select blanket or batting insulation, we will be placing a product in your home that insulation manufacturers make from mineral fibers.

If you select loose-fill insulation, then our installation experts will blow the product into your attic, walls or crawlspace. When manufacturers produce loose fill insulation, they use materials such as glass, perlite and cellulose fiber.

In order to receive a high level of energy efficiency, you may consider plastic foam insulation. When we install foam insulation, we will blow the product into your home’s walls, ceilings and crawlspaces. Once we expel foam insulation into your home, the product will expand into small cracks and gaps. Plastic foam will also add support to your home’s structure. However, the product is expensive.

When you call us to upgrade the attic insulation in your Northern, GA, residence, your home’s temperature will improve while offering greater energy efficiency.