4 Considerations When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Published on: August 9, 2012

If your air conditioning system fails, you have little time to decide on a new system and to assess the needs of your home. Most failures occur in the course of seasonal use, making it rather urgent to replace the system quickly in order to keep a home climate comfortable. However, even in urgent situations, it’s important to determine basic needs and priorities in selecting a new unit. In other cases, homeowners choose to replace their systems because of high energy bills. The hope is that new AC installation will result in savings on the energy bills. In either case, there are several important considerations to be made as you decide on your new unit.

Energy Audit

It is estimated that 17 percent of a household’s energy consumption is the result of cooling. An energy audit is a means of assessing the condition of your air conditioning performance and other household systems. While there are some basic steps a homeowner can take in assessing energy performance, a professional can use sophisticated equipment in order to check for leaks and other concerns that affect energy loss. Creating a more efficient environment will improve the longevity of your air conditioning system. If you are being proactive in new AC installation because of the age of your old unit, you should also conduct such an audit in order to completely address energy issues in your home.

Energy Ratings

If you are faced with an air conditioning replacement by choice or by virtue of a breakdown, you should explore the energy ratings of systems available. Energy Star systems are those rated according to government guidelines and found to provide efficiency while making less impact on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions. An Energy Star air conditioner is determined to be 14 percent more efficient than other models. Selection of such a model can lead to longer life of the unit due to efficiency and can lead to savings over the life of the system through less energy usage. Additionally, there can be tax incentives for installing energy efficient systems and appliances in your home. An AC repair company can help you in evaluating the models available and exploring current tax incentives available.

Professional Installation

While some homeowners feel confident with installing complicated systems, it’s important to be careful to properly install an air conditioner. An incorrect AC installation can lead to energy loss. An energy efficient device isn’t very useful in saving money if it leads to poor function. Consider a reputable AC repair company as an essential part of the process. Your AC installation being handled by a licensed contractor also provides protections in the event that there is a problem with the installation.

Thermostat Update

In updating your air conditioner, it may be helpful to also update your thermostat. There are many choices in programmable thermostats. Some of the more recent models include smart thermostats that allow you to monitor and manage your system from afar. This can add to savings and prolong the life of your new unit.

AC repair can lead to the realization that your system is functioning poorly. A system failure in the middle of the summer can be frustrating, but with the assistance of a professional, you can make informed decisions about the replacement unit.