Benefits of Installing a New Heating and Cooling System in Your Birmingham AL Home

Published on: September 7, 2012

If you have not had a new AC installation or an upgrade to your heating and cooling system in the past five years, you are most likely missing out on some upgrades that can literally save you thousands of dollars per year on your bills and AC system repairs.

A new AC installation in Birmingham AL can also be your ticket to cleaner indoor air and a higher quality of life inside of your living space. Below are just a few of the advantages to having a heating and cooling upgrade or a new AC installation in Birmingham AL.

One – A new AC installation in Birmingham AL will likely pay for itself in a matter of months with all of the savings that you can expect.

A new AC installation in Birmingham AL will give you lower heating bills every month. A new AC installation will also cut down on the number of repairs and replacements that you will likely have to have done over the life of your heating and cooling unit. A new AC installation will also improve the quality of your indoor air, which will cut down on the amount of wear and tear on the AC unit as well.

Two – Dual compressor / multi level filter systems add functionality to your air conditioning unit without decreasing the energy efficiency.

If you are looking for better performance, there is no need in going over the specs of five year old machines any more. The technologies that have been placed in the latest iterations of HVAC units across the board blow away their more antiquated counterparts. Everything from new refrigeration chemicals all the way to more effective air travel patterns inside of the air conditioning unit adds to the efficiency of the unit without taking away from its power.

This means improved performance without a higher bill on the first of the month. You can also count on a much improved indoor air quality that is only available with multitiered filter systems. If you live in an area with unpredictable weather patterns, the dual compressor system is a must have in order to avoid undue wear and tear on your air conditioning unit.

Three – Newer air conditioning units will have a much longer life with less repairs to be done.

First of all, having less moving parts to break down does a great deal for the efficiency of an air conditioning system and the money that you will have to spend on repairs for that system. Also, the life of more modern units is expected to far outlast the lifespan of older units because of many of the upgrades that were mentioned in the paragraphs above.