Top 4 Air Conditioning Repairs in Birmingham AL

Published on: September 21, 2012

When your air conditioning system stops working effectively or stops working altogether, you want prompt, affordable and efficient repairs so that you can return to enjoying a comfortable environment in your Birmingham home as soon as possible. As important as it is to attend to air conditioning repairs, however, it’s equally important to find out the reason why repairs became necessary. It takes an experienced, skilled HVAC technician to determine and address the underlying issue that caused your air conditioning system to malfunction or break down. Here are four common air conditioning repairs Birmingham AL and some of the reasons that they can occur.

1. Electrical Repairs

Problems with electrical connections and wiring are often responsible when an air conditioning system suddenly stops operating. Electrical issues that require air conditioning repairs include defective breakers, contactors and transformers as well as worn or faulty wiring. Circuit breakers that trip when the AC unit is turned on can indicate improper grounding. An air conditioner is likely to encounter electrical problems when not regularly serviced. Regular maintenance includes inspections and adjustments to all of the system’s electrical connections and components.

2. AC Fan Repairs

If an air conditioning system turns on but the fan isn’t operating, the problem can be as simple as a dirty filter or a burned wire or can be as significant as a defective fan or blower motor. Dirty evaporator coils can also prevent the AC’s fan from operating properly. You can help prevent the need for fan-related air conditioning repairs Birmingham AL with scheduled maintenance service. During a regular maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will check and tighten fan belts, will clean evaporator coils and will inspect motors and capacitors.

3. Air Conditioning Repairs Due to Water Leaks

As your AC unit pulls warm air from your home over the unit’s evaporator coils, the moisture condenses and is collected in a pan that drains the water outside through a condensate line. Unattended water leaks or overflowing drain pans will cause further damage to the system down the line. Water leaks are sometimes attributable to clogs in the unit’s condensate drain line. Dirty evaporator coils or filters can cause moisture to ice up on the coils and then drip water. Defective blower motor and capacitors can also result in iced-over coils.

4. Repairs Related to Poor Performance

Many air conditioning repairs Birmingham AL are related to poor system performance. A thermostat that’s not properly calibrated, for example, can result in fluctuating temperatures. A continually operating system can indicate low refrigerant levels. If properly installed, an AC system’s refrigerant levels rarely need adjustment. Low levels indicate leaks that must be attended to promptly to ensure that harmful gases aren’t released into the environment.

When some rooms in your Birmingham home are warmer than others, an imbalanced ductwork system may be to blame. Strategically placed dampers are necessary to help control the delivery and removal of air. Regular maintenance helps ensure that ducts remain clean, unobstructed and balanced.