What You Should Ask Your Air Conditioning Contractor

Published on: September 21, 2012

Whether you are interested in upgrading your HVAC system in your home or whether you are faced with the need for a repair, it’s always wise to consult with an Atlanta, GA air conditioning company for advice and service. While doing it yourself might be tempting from a savings perspective, most homeowners aren’t comfortable with the full scope of an air conditioner repair job. Doing a poor job on your own can become more costly in the long run than enlisting the help of an air conditioning contractor from the outset. In using the services of a licensed contractor, you are assured of guarantees on the work and equipment. You also have the opportunity to become better educated about the latest technology changes related to your HVAC system and your home. There are several areas to ask your air conditioning contractor about during the scope of his service.

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for any family faced with tight budgets and the need to save money. If your home isn’t energy efficient, then you are throwing away money each month through your energy bill. An air conditioning contractor in Atlanta GA can perform an energy audit, checking for leaky ducts, drafts and heat exchange issues in your home. A series of recommendations may be made for renovation or upgrading elements contributing to energy loss. There may be simple behavioral adjustments that will improve your conservation of power, and there may be simple services that can improve the condition of old elements of your current system. Whether you are upgrading your air conditioning unit or having it repaired, you should make sure that it will perform optimally by working in concert with an energy efficient home.

You should also ask your air conditioning contractor about current monitoring technology. Thermostats are being developed with computer and Internet technology integrated, allowing for an HVAC system to be monitored remotely and adjusted if needed. The ability to manage your system when you aren’t home can alleviate excessive bills through the limiting of system settings when you are away. At the same time, you can make adjustments in a timely manner so that your arrival home isn’t uncomfortable. You can limit your settings from day to day when you are on vacation and return them to normal in time for your return.

Energy efficiency has become a priority at a national level, and your Atlanta air conditioning contractor service should be able to explain the latest options in tax credits and benefits for installation of conservation-friendly systems. You should ask about these options and get detailed information about the requirements because there are so many changes from year to year. Your contractor benefits in giving you the best information possible, and he will help you assess the system options that are eligible for current benefits. He will also be able to inform you of current allowances for installation costs in such deductions or tax credits.