New Air Conditioning Installation in Your Atlanta home

Published on: September 7, 2012

With so many recent advances in the ac installation industry, it can be tough to decide whether to repair or replace an existing unit. One factor that I advise clients to consider is the age of the equipment. Air conditioners that are more than eight years old may use outdated coolants and be significantly less efficient at cooling a space. This translates into higher operational costs and more repairs.

The high-end air conditioners sold ten years ago use double the electricity compared to modern low-end models. Energy efficiency is measured in SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. In the early 2000’s the average rating was ten. As of 2010, the lowest rating is 13. The difference can save up to 30 percent on electrical usage.

New ac installation in Atlanta, GA can also save money by choosing equipment with smart features incorporated into the design. High efficiency fan motors and scroll compressors increase energy savings. Delayed start options are handy for protecting the compressor during power out outages. Programmable thermostats and zone controls are rapidly gaining popularity too.

Before beginning any new ac installation, it is important to have a home energy assessment. Insulation plays a key role in how hard a new unit will have to work to maintain ambient temperatures. Adequate amounts of insulation reduce how much heat is retained inside the walls and attic. Plugging air leaks also allows less heat to enter a home.

Most homes and commercial buildings utilize some sort of ductwork for piping cool air into a room. This creates another area for potential problems during ac installation. Cold air can leak out of holes and gaps when insulation becomes worn. Again, this can be prevented with a simple inspection.

Some contractors believe that as many as half of all ac installation in Atlanta, GA projects has the wrong size air conditioner. In the past, unit size was determined by a rule of thumb. This called for one ton of capacity for every 400 square feet. Today, there is a much more accurate method. A load calculation is used in order to determine what size unit is appropriate for home or office ac installation.

The most common mistake in new ac installation is buying equipment that is too big. This not only causes inconsistent performance and short cycling, but also leads to increased indoor humidity and higher maintenance costs. Load calculations factor in multiple variables, such as average temperature, the size of the house, air infiltration rates, the number of doors and windows, and the number of occupants. Usually, an accurate calculation will result in a unit much smaller than expected.

New ac installation offers many money saving benefits to home and business owners. Considering the average household spends approximately $1300 a year on heating and cooling costs, replacing older equipment is usually the best option. Ac installation in Atlanta, GA is both affordable and easy with a variety of high efficiency equipment and better methods for selecting the correct unit size.